Techni-Craft Equipment Services Limited

Shawn at Alberta Custom Gaskets is our one stop for all the gaskets we require. He provides exceptional service and goes the extra mile to ensure that our gaskets are made in more then enough time to meet all of our deadlines.  He’s extremely knowledgeable to answer any questions we may have to ensure every gasket is made exactly  as needed.  Definitely recommend as you will not be at all disappointed with the product and service you will receive!  Absolutely is a company which is a pleasure to deal with!

Oksana Stefanov

Red Robin

“It has been a pleasure to work with Shawn over the past three years. He is very fast and always does a thorough job. His speed is very impressive considering he is making the gaskets from scratch to match the needs of each individual refrigeration unit in our kitchen. After using his services at two different locations I readily recommend him to other businesses. On top of producing reliable work, he is also very personable and exceeds the customer service expectations of most other vendors I have worked with.”

April Killins
General Manager for Red Robin

Millwoods Sobeys

I would like to thank Shawn for his quick care and attention to repairs at my store Millwoods Sobeys.  Over the past year Shawn has repaired gaskets on my freezer upright doors, and gaskets on my proofer doors.  I hired Shawn to complete a purchase and installation of two sets of Chase swinging doors to the ware house.  Oh did I mention Shawn can weld stainless steel...he fixed my sink divides that were leaking.

I would highly recommend Shawn at Alberta Custom Gaskets!  He will save you money on all repairs , he guarantees the work , and is very professional!


Bryant Stefanetz
Sobeys Millwoods C/O Stefco Foods Inc.

Boston Pizza Northern Alberta

Alberta Custom Gaskets has drastically reduced our down time with equipment. We no longer need to wait 3 to 4 weeks for gaskets to be shipped in; Alberta Custom Gaskets is in our restaurant and installing within a few days. Best customer service on the market and the rates are very competitive. Not to mention Alberta Custom Gaskets is one of the few companies that can perform onsite stainless steel welding. 

Boston Pizza Northern Alberta

Original Joe's

I have worked with Original Joe's for over 10 years now and over the last
few years I have worked with Shawn instead of other gasket companies.
Working with Alberta Custom Gaskets has given me a much better
understanding about the importance, maintenance and cost savings that his company gives our store with gaskets. When he walked through our doors forthe first time he was very kind, personable and honest. When I shopped around other companies his prices were the cheapest I could find. He always answers his phone and emails immediately and is down to the store to fix things in record time. He has also welded a piece for my dishwasher that fit perfectly and was completed at the lowest cost and fastest time possible. I recommended his services to my Facilities Corporate Support Manager so that all of our stores could use him. I would recommend him to anyone anytime. Thank you Shawn for taking care of our Restaurant.

Sarah Dalziel
Managing Partner
Original Joe's


Milestones Grill + Bar | South Common

Hi Shawn,

I just wanted to take a few moments to say thank you for the amazing service you have been providing me at both of the Milestones locations in Edmonton. I have been in this industry for almost 20 years and I can truly say that there have been few vendors I enjoy working with as much as Alberta Custom Gaskets. You are always quick to respond, there is never a request too small or large. You are timely, the workmanship is of the highest quality, I have yet to have an issue with anything you have fixed. You have the most reasonable pricing in the business, and I truly get the value out of what you charge. It is easy to see the pride you take in what you do and that is 100% why I believe your business is a fantastic as it is. I wish you continued success and I will recommend you to any of my associates looking for quality work.

Dave Rogers | General Manager, Guest Experience
Milestones Grill + Bar | South Common


I have been in business with Shawn for about a half year now. In the past I had dealt with a few companies for both welding and cooler gaskets, however the service I get from Alberta Custom Gaskets has made him my exclusive partner. His service is faster than any I have experienced in the past, he has great prices, the work he does is top notch,  and overall is just a great guy to deal with. During a recent restaurant renovation, having Shawn available to do custom welding in our store in such a short time has been a privilege. I look forward to working with him in the future and would recommend his services to anyone looking for not only great work at a good price, but an awesome working relationship.

Lyndon Smith
Head Chef
Earls Kitchen and Bar